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Conference Travel Grants

The content of this blog post is applicable to everyone who is currently a registered student in a university and is planning to apply for travel grants to attend an academic conference or workshop. This post is written from the perspective of a student either in home country or on the status of international student.

There are two categories of students who want to attend an academic conference
(i) Authors who have a paper/poster accepted and are looking for funding
(ii) Students who want to attend a conference without an accepted paper/poster

Visual Question Answering - Large Scale dataset based on human generated captions

Recently with the advent of promising CNN based object detection models, tasks related to scene understanding have become pretty popular. Quite a few research groups have shown some results which are not just impressive but they claim to be very close to human performance . Couple of such tasks are image captioning, visual question answering/ visual turing tests.

Tech Networking Edinburgh

I moved to Edinburgh few months ago and I looked up few active tech meetup or networking groups. People who are currently in Edinburgh or planning to move and interested in tech groups might find these helpful.

  • Edinburgh Hoppers is a focus group for women in technology founded and run by the University of Edinburgh female students.
  • Prewired is a programming club for under 19's. Probably the best place if you are under 19 and looking out for some peers or mentors who can help you with your coding projects.

Research Summer Internships/Programs (Pointers for Undergraduate students)

Although the content of the blog can be generally applicable to all undergraduate students, I am mainly providing information targeting students studying computer science at Indian universities.

Often students with early exposure to research i.e., during their undergraduate studies look out for summer internships. Especially if you are new to research you might find it difficult to get to right information or contacts. In this blog post I would like to point out some places where you can look out for opportunities.

Hello World

Hello World!!

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