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Experience, Projects and Research Collaborations

Academic Activities
Organizer: ACL 2017, Student Research Workshop
PC Member: Social NLP 2016, Ethics in NLP 2017Social NLP 2017
Reviewer*SEM 2013ESSLLI 2015EMNLP 2015ESSLLI 2016*SEM 2016EMNLP 2016WiML 2016 EMNLP 2017EACL 2017*SEM 2017
Sub ReviewerNODALIDA 2015IJCAI 2016

Masters Thesis
I worked on word usages patterns over social media for my masters thesis. This is very closely related to Word sense disambguation a well defined natural classification problem.

Thesis: Word Usages and Patterns over Social Media Spandana Gella, University of Melbourne, Australia. bib


Word sense Disambiguation: A brief introduction to WSD by Eneko Agirre

My Resume


<–I maintain a list of top NLP conferences along with a friend Bharat Ram Ambati