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Conference Travel Grants

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The content of this blog post is applicable to everyone who is currently a registered student in a university and is planning to apply for travel grants to attend an academic conference or workshop. This post is written from the perspective of a student either in home country or on the status of international student.

There are two categories of students who want to attend an academic conference
(i) Authors who have a paper/poster accepted and are looking for funding
(ii) Students who want to attend a conference without an accepted paper/poster

To the best of my knowledge there is higher chances of securing travel grant if you have an accepted paper/poster at the conference with few exceptions.

Here are the conference specific funding sources that you could apply to support your conference registration and travel:

  • Apply as student volunteer : Almost all conferences waive registration fee for student volunteers. This is a great way to involve in organization process and reduce conference costs.
  • Apply Conference Travel Grants: All conferences offer limited travel grants to support students.
  • Workshop Travel Grants : If you have a paper at workshop, some of them support the accepted papers by providing partial/full travel grants.
  • Submit your work to Doctoral Consortium or Student Research Workshops who usually have funds to support student travel.

Additionally, you can apply to external sources to attend conferences:

  • Industry Travel Grants: Google , Microsoft
  • If you are a woman you can apply to ACM-Women Scholarships to attend research conferences. Or submit a poster to women oriented workshops co-located with conferences such as WiMLWiCV or WiNLP who offer generous travel support for women and under-represented groups.
  • Country specific grants: For example Science and Engineering Research Board of India offers International conference travel support.

Hope you find the information useful. I will keep updating the page whenever I find relevant information.

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