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Tech Networking Edinburgh

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I moved to Edinburgh few months ago and I looked up few active tech meetup or networking groups. People who are currently in Edinburgh or planning to move and interested in tech groups might find these helpful.

  • Edinburgh Hoppers is a focus group for women in technology founded and run by the University of Edinburgh female students.
  • Prewired is a programming club for under 19’s. Probably the best place if you are under 19 and looking out for some peers or mentors who can help you with your coding projects.
  • Python Edinburgh is a monthly meetup group for python programmers. They have a very active
  • mailing list and organise fun pub nights every month.
  • PyLadies Edinburgh is a monthly meetup group for FEMALE python programmers.
  • Tech Meetup Edinburgh is a community event organised once a month around 6:30 pm for developers or tech community in Edinburgh.